Summer gold with Les Georgettes By Altesse

Summer is well and truly here, bringing its long sunny days and warm balmy nights. Summer is my all time favourite season…there’s something about the sunshine that just does something for my soul!

I also love how easy it is to dress in summer. I love popping on a cute floral dress and some flats or jeans or shorts and a cute top. However, dare I say, sometimes summer dressing can be a little boring because there is not as much need to layer up like we do in winter because it is simply not practical in the heat.

My solution…layering and mix and matching my jewellery to keep my outfits fun and interesting.

Layers of gold jewellery is all the craze at the moment and I have certainly jumped on board of this trend! I love adding layered fine gold necklaces of different lengths to pretty much every outfit. I have been on the hunt for some unique styles that I could really make my own (I’m sure we have all seen the gold coin style everywhere). That’s why I was so excited to learn that French customisable jewellery brand Les Georgettes by Altesse were launching a necklace range.

Like their customisable rings and bracelets, you can choose your metal finish, pattern design and shape and coloured leather or fluid perspex which allows you to mix and match to any mood or look. You can also choose different chain styles and lengths which I love, because I love layering necklaces at different lengths. You can find out more about the customisation process and concept here.

Another thing that I love about Les Georgettes is that they are made in France and the quality is very high so you won’t find the gold wearing off after wearing it. The French always do everything better, there is no arguing there!

You can see two looks where I have styled my Les Georgettes necklaces below. The first look I have layered both necklaces with a soft blush/nude leather backing. Off the shoulder styles always look a bit bare without some neck-candy, so I love how the necklaces make the outfit look complete and polished.

In the second outfit, I am wearing only one of the Les Georgettes necklaces but I have layered it with some of my other plain chains. I am also wearing the pendant without any backing to make it a bit edgier.

Hope you are feeling inspired to layer up those necklaces, and also don’t forget that Les Georgettes make a great gift for someone special as it gives you the opportunity to customise something special and unique just for them – cue the brownie points for being thoughtful!



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