Staying on trend is easier (and less pricey) than you think, thanks to Adelaide based online boutique, Lule Co Boutique.

When it comes to fashion trends, it can sometimes be hard to keep up. One minute flare jeans are in, and the next minute it’s back to skinnies. This season we have seen all sorts of trends fill our Instagram feeds and favourite fashion blogs. From Gucci’s rise with embroidered and embellished everything, to the season’s hottest tones of red and burgundy which have been seen everywhere, it’s not always easy to keep up without having to take out a loan.

Thankfully, much of these trends have been reproduced in a more wearable and affordable way through fast fashion to help us keep up. Lule Co Boutique is an online fashion boutique run by two Adelaide based fashionistas that delivers all of the latest trends at a much more affordable price point.

My favourite pick is this Zoe Knit Top which I’ve styled below with jeans, boots and my favourite Gucci belt. This top proves that the off the shoulder trend is clearly here to stay. However, my favourite thing about it is the colour – burgundy/ wine is hot this season and it’s so easy to wear. Plus, at just $50 it’s hard to say no!

This season we have seen embroidery take front and centre with everything from embroidered shoes, to jeans and jackets making statements across the fashion platforms. I love this trend because it is just so much fun. However, since I tend to prefer to invest in more classic pieces, I’m not usually prepared to spend too much on such a bold trend. Thankfully, Lule Co Boutique can satisfy my embroidery needs and #GucciVibes with these embroidered Secret Garden Jeans or Jasper Knit Top which both feature very on trend, floral embroidered detail at a very affordable price (under $70 each).

Another one of my top picks that I’ve styled is the polka dot Steffani Dress teamed with a distressed denim jacket (which is already sold out – sorry guys). Let’s face it, polka dots will always be in fashion, and so will a denim jacket, so I wasn’t really taking many risks with this outfit!

So if you are wanting to have a bit of fun with some affordable fashion trends, be sure to check Lule Co Boutique!



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