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Adelaide is pretty chilly at the moment, and dressing warmly is a priority for me. Thankfully, the cold doesn’t mean dressing boring! Layering is my current favourite winter trend that allows me to incorporate my more ‘summery’ pieces into my winter wardrobe. I love this trend because you can really play and experiment with your combinations and re-work basic pieces into many different outfits. Be as simple or as bold as you like!

A few of my layering staples include a black or white button-up shirt, a fitted tee-shirt (go for a cute striped tee-shirt for a bit of fun), bustiers and anything with a spagetti strap such as a slip dress.

Hope you have fun trying this trend and please share any of your layering tips!

Shirt: ty-lr
Pants and bustier: C/MEO COLLECTIVE from BNKR
Shoes: Jaggar from BNKR
Bag: Givenchy from Style Secret



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