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For those of you who have been wanting to try laser hair removal, this one is for you!

I have been thinking about trying laser hair removal for quite some time now, but just haven’t found the right place or motivation to do it. I think I had been waiting to find out more about laser, since it is still a fairly new technology and I guess I was a bit scared if it would hurt or the potential side effects.

The idea of getting laser done really appealed to me because I personally hate being hairy, but also find I am always in a rush so making time to shave my legs or go for waxing appointments is not always a priority for me. I love travelling, so the idea of not having to take a razor and worry about shaving felt like a dream! I have some friends who have had laser hair removal on just about every area of their bodies, and they love it. So when Australian Skin Clinics came to town, I thought it was time for me to try it.

Australian Skin Clinics have just this year set foot in Adelaide, opening their first clinic in Westfield Marion. They are part of a Queensland Franchisee and therefore fall under Queensland’s legislation for laser treatments. Queensland has the highest governing body for this industry, which means that the clinic has a stricter medical focus compared to others in South Australia. All of Australian Skin Clinic’s Laser Specialists hold a minimum Diploma of Beauty Therapy. They all have to go through stringent education and testing and are not permitted to conduct any laser treatment until they have been signed off by a Master Trainer and they must hold a laser license (which in Adelaide is not actually a requirement – which is a bit scary). All of Australian Skin Clinic’s lasers are also medically graded Candella Lasers, which are extremely advanced for precise and safe treatments every time.

Master Trainer, Deb, makes sure that standards are always kept high, and she tests staff every couple of weeks and monitors their knowledge to make sure that it is always up to scratch. Regular extra training is conducted on not just laser, but skin as a whole. So you know you are in safe hands!

Unlike many other salons, Australian Skin Clinics take their time with treatments, and I experienced this first hand. You have a consultation first, where you are run through the whole process, what to expect and how to get the most out of your treatment and your specialist will very thoroughly go through all of your medical details and history as these can influence the effectiveness and safety of treatments. Every time a client comes in they go through a series of questions such as medications, pregnancy, self tan, sun exposure etc. to make sure that nothing has changed in the client’s life that will effect the treatment.

After I had gone through all of the medical questions, and Deb had explained the process, she prepared me for treatment. She cleaned the area and then marked it up to ensure no areas are missed. I was given special metal protective eyewear while treatment was conducted, and aftercare was applied after. I was quite nervous before my appointment because I had heard all different things about what to expect. However, Deb was really great at answering all of my questions, and I could tell that I didn’t have anything to worry about!

I had my legs and underarms treated, and I was actually surprised with how pleasant the experience was. The anticipation is definitely worse than the actual treatment, and the treatment doesn’t last very long. My underarms were slightly more sensitive, so I did feel them a bit more than my legs (I pretty much didn’t feel anything on my legs), but it did not hurt or burn as many people think it might. The laser has cool air that blows out, so if anything, that is what you feel. The aftercare is really important when it comes to laser, and you are run through the dos and don’ts for after treatment. It was also really great to receive a follow up phone call the day after my treatment to check up on the area and to provide an opportunity to answer any questions – what amazing service!

It really is clear to me that unlike many other salons, Australian Skin Clinics pride themselves on safe, medical grade treatment with a focus on customer service. I am excited to continue my treatment (it usually takes 6-8 sessions) and I look forward to sharing the results with you too!

If you are interested in any laser and rejuvenation treatments, make sure you reach out to Australian Skin Clinics – they offer a range of services beyond laser hair removal such as laser skin treatments (for pigmentation and veins), microdermabrasion, medi-aesthetic peels, cosmetic injectables and more!



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