Fields of Yellow

Sometimes when life gets a bit too busy you really need to stop and make an effort to make some time for yourself or for the ones you love. My partner (David) and I had been really busy and struggling to fit in quality time for each other. So, we decided to clear our schedules one afternoon and went for a little road trip to the beautiful Barossa Valley wine region in South Australia. On the drive up we stumbled across fields of yellow canola flowers and I couldn’t not stop to take some shots amid the bees and butterflies in the sunshine. dsc_4498 dsc_4410 dsc_4329 dsc_4480 dsc_4419 dsc_4469 dsc_4346 Dress: The Fifth from BNKR
Jacket: Sportsgirl
Hat: Lack of Colour
Jewellery: Of Dreamers and Dancers      


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