I think that by now everyone knows how much I love a statement earring. I feel naked if I leave the house without a pair of my favourite earrings. I think  discovering the South Australian brand, Cinquante is where my earring obsession all started. The abstract shapes and unique designs have made Cinquante an instant favourite of mine. Statement doesn’t always have to mean big and bold. Sometimes a statement could just be something artistic, unique and delicate. There really is a design that suits everyone and any look, and there’s something special about supporting local. You can find your favourite here.

I had the opportunity to do a little Q&A with Jane, the talented designer behind this beautiful brand.

Can you tell us a bit about how Cinquante all started and the meaning behind the name?

Cinquante means “50” in French. The number 50 has a couple of significant meanings to me personally, they might sound silly – but to me it makes perfect sense. Importantly for me I wanted to create a product that was limited in edition to have that special enjoyment of knowing it would be rare to bump into someone wearing the same piece, but if you did what exquisite taste that person has!

The latest collection featured bold, abstract and artistic shapes. What was your inspiration behind this collection?

I took a lot of inspiration from nature in the last range… from land and under water. Our ear cuff that featured in the Adelaide Fashion Festival campaign came about after I discovered a fascinating sea creature called the Spanish Dancer, which lays its eggs in a fabulous ribbon like flower – ha ha you asked! Google it, they are beautiful. Another of our featured earrings was the Catch Me hoop, which after many walks to and from school drop off I collected what seemed like 100 oak leaves to get the right ones to mimic in brass. I love a bold earring and sometimes the simplicity of oversized everyday shapes can really make a statement so a lot of my designs are just that, simple and crisp, the perfect amount wow to complete any outfit.

Which is your favourite piece from the latest collection, and why?

I have a couple of faves right now, I regularly wear our Windless Summer, it reminds me of the Adelaide Hills and the windmills I pass on the way to my parents’ vineyard. It’s also been likened to a crinkle cut chip (salt & vinegar please)! The other is our Never Be Alone earring which is the little sister to the Out of the Deep Ear Cuff, it has a classic, contemporary and glamourous feel all in one.

Each piece is finished by hand here in South Australia. Can you briefly tell us the process that is behind this?

Not quite, only our silk necklaces, arm pieces and anklets are finished here in Adelaide. Everything is designed here in Adelaide but our jewels are handmade in Indonesia by a beautiful family of artisans. We use solid Sterling silver and brass (everything is nickel free), creating affordable on–trend keepsake pieces.

 What are your favourite fashion/ style trends for the season (Spring/Summer)?

Loving all the pretty florals and ruffles the moment, but on the flip side I can’t go past a bold colour or even an off the shoulder shirt paired with your favourite denim.


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