About Me

Dear beautiful women,

My hope is that you feel both inspired and valued after browsing through my blog.

I love fashion and I love empowering women to believe that they can fully embrace fashion and a beautiful lifestyle but do so graciously and without losing the true essence of who we are. I created this blog to share my passion for fashion, creativity, art and a lifestyle that carries substance.

I was born and raised in beautiful South Africa and growing up my mother always taught me the value of believing in myself and the importance of following my dreams wholeheartedly. She also taught me the importance of seeing value in other people, showing everyone kindness and celebrating the success of others.

I now reside in vibrant Adelaide where I am currently completing my degree in Marketing and Communications. I am fascinated by the power that media, and in particular digital and social media, has today and I hope to be a voice sharing positivity, encouragement and love in an industry that is often the opposite.

So here I am taking the first courageous step in pursuing my dreams, and I encourage you to do the same. Let’s enjoy this journey together.

With love,

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